Sheriff Mark Kelsey Endorsement

I strongly endorse Dane Deutsch for State Senate.  Even though there are only two Sawyer County townships (i.e.- Spider Lake and Lenroot) in the 25th Senate District, I know that through Dane’s leadership and character, he will represent Sawyer County residents very well.  It is through character driven leadership that we will be best represented in Madison.  That is why I am encouraging you to vote for Dane Deutsch on November 4th.

Sheriff Mark Kelsey

Sawyer County Sheriff

Price County Sheriff Brian Schmidt

As Sheriff of Price County, I fully endorse Dane Deutsch for State Senate in the 25th Senate District.  Dane is an effective leader who leads by example with character first.  His leadership experience as a teacher, veteran, and business person provides the best combination of talents and skill sets to lead the Northland in Madison.  Dane listens well and he cares about us in law enforcement.  I will be voting for Dane Deutsch on November 4th.

Brian Schmidt

Price County Sheriff

Phillips, WI


Bayfield Sheriff Bob Follis (retired)

I am voting for Dane Deutsch for State Senate on November 4th. Dane understands the importance of law enforcement and emergency services. Plus, Dane is a problem-solver not a politician. He has the real world experience and temperament to get things done for us in the North. I hope you will join me in voting for Dane Deutsch on Tuesday, November 4th.

Bob Follis

Bayfield County Sheriff (retired)


Ronda Olkonen - Hurley School teacher and former Teacher’s Union President

“Dane understands the challenges of everyday life from teaching and running a business to community leadership. He has a demonstrated a track record of success. That’s why I am supporting Dane Deutsch for State Senate.”

Ronda Olkonen,
Hurley School teacher and former
Teacher’s Union President


US Congressman Sean Duffy Endorsement

U.S. Congressman Sean Duffy (WI-07) today announced his endorsement of Dane Dane Deutsch for State Senate in the 25th Senate District:

"I am very glad to offer my endorsement to a man of high integrity and a dedication and passion for serving others. Because of his strong military background, I chose Dane to serve on my Military Academy Selection Committee which is responsible for selecting the best candidates for nomination to our U.S. military academies.

Rep. Duffy continued, "Through his own experience, Dane will bring to Madison a vast understanding of business and technology that will ensure that Northwest Wisconsin has the right resources to help businesses grow - including expanding our broadband Internet capability so we can attract new businesses.

"Dane is the best suited candidate to represent the people of the 25th Senate District and I look forward to working with him in our efforts to move Wisconsin Forward!"


Dairy Business Association Endorses Dane


I have known Dane Deutsch for several years. He is just the kind of man we need in the State Senate.

When you combine Dane’s character, integrity, and leadership skills, with his small business experience and a genuine heart which cares for people, Dane makes the ideal representative for people in the 25th Senate district.  I wholeheartedly endorse Dane Deutsch.
State Senator Terry Moulton
23rd Senate District


NFIB Endorsement




I endorse Dane Deutsch for Senate in the 25th Senate District.

Dane is the kind of leader that can work with people to get things done, no matter the political affiliation.  We need leaders that have influence, build personal relationships, and work to achieve successful results for everyone in our communities, businesses, and families.

Dane is in favor of bringing mining back to our region, and he understands the value of long term mining in providing jobs, economic health and vitality to the schools and communities we live in.  Dane Deutsch cares about environmentally safe mining, and the economic prosperity for the people of the Northland.

As Mayor of Hurley, I strongly endorse Dane Deutsch for Senate.  Let’s move Wisconsin Forward.

Mayor Joe Pinardi

City of Hurley


Wisconsin Family Action PAC Endorsement


Dane Deutsch's leadership background in both the military and business community will make him a strong legislator in Madison.  I am confident that he will work in a bipartisan fashion to protect our natural resources, improve the welfare of our people, and find ways to expand our workforce in northwest Wisconsin.  That's why I'm supporting Dane Deutsch for the 25th Senate District.

Jerry Petrowski

Wisconsin State Senator, District 29


NRA Endorsement



As a  resident of  Montreal and Iron County, I fully endorse Dane Deutsch for Senate in the 25th Senate District.

As a small business person, Dane understands that communities are built and sustained on good paying jobs from healthy businesses.  Dane also knows the importance of keeping our environment safe and healthy, while at the same time allowing businesses like mining to prosper and provide jobs for our community.  More jobs, equals more families and more families means healthy schools and healthy communities.  

Dane is a strong leader that can work with all parties to get things accomplished; mining being one of those things that revitalize our economy and bring back healthy businesses and families to our region.  As Mayor of Montreal, I endorse Dane Deutsch for Senate.  Let’s get the jobs moving forward again.


Mayor Mitch Koski

City of Montreal


Union Endorses Deutsch for Senate


April 29, 2014

I’ve known Dane Deutsch since he was a star performer in the Air Force more than 25 years ago. More recently we have worked together on several projects and I know him to be a well-informed person of the highest integrity.  Dane’s character, transparency, and sense of accountability make him an ideal servant leader.  He’s also passionate about responsible government.  I’m confident he would be an outstanding representative for the people of his district.

Lee Ellis

President, Leadership Freedom and FreedomStar Media

Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

March 25, 2014

As his "liberal friend" I am happy to endorse Dane Deutsch for State Senate. I have known Dane for over 15 years and he has always been fair minded and forward focused. Our political points of view don't always align but he has always been willing to listen and seek out common ground between us. Dane is not the kind of man that seeks conflict, in fact I would describe him as a man who resolves it. That is an admirable quality in a leader and one that is sorely missed in Wisconsin politics, especially in the current administration. I support Dane in his election not because of his party affiliation, actually you could say in spite of it,  because he is a good, honest and fair man regardless of party line. What more could we all ask for as a representative in the senate? 

Vice President-Wisconsin Gym Club Owners Association

Leadership Council for Gold Medal Children's Activity Centers-Character Counts!

Business Consultant- 3rdLevel Consulting

President- O3 Corporation

President- Quantum Sports

Founder-Director-President of Gymfinity Children's Activity Center

Wisconsin Right to Life Endorsement