Dane is first and foremost a teacher by degree.  He is a Coach by profession, and he is a Leader at heart.

Dane's passion is teaching and coaching kids of all ages in sports and "life skills."  He has coached track, swimming, diving, and gymnastics.  He also coaches businesses and people on leadership and management skills.

Dane served his country as a United States Air Force Officer and retired as a Captain.  He served three tours of duty in the country of Turkey.  He knows the role and importance that security plays in keeping our country free.

Dane is a small business owner, entrepreneur and business coach as well, with over 23 years of experience.  He understands the challenges of small business and how to build a team of people that he cares about and takes care of through his business.  Small business is the "lifeblood" of America, and continues to be the real backbone of our commerce and economic climate in our country.

Dane is a national trainer for Character Counts (character education) and is currently one of their Ambassadors.  (www.charactercounts.org)

Dane is now campaigning to serve you as the next Senator for District 25 in Wisconsin.  He is "Leading with Character and Common Sense."  Run with Dane!