Economic Opportunities

I believe in the free enterprise system without excessive Government regulations and taxes.

The solutions to economic prosperity are found in the Constitution, in a limited government and in an abundance of protected rights of the citizens. Since FDR, policy decisions, which were the constitutional responsibility of a representative government, have been abdicated to a variety of alphabet agencies. These agencies combined with excessive taxation have imposed policies which have the full force and effect of laws passed by Congress. These agencies and regulations are limiting economic opportunities for citizens in every state. 

It is my belief that overregulation from agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and hundreds of additional agencies has assumed more power to control the economic well being of our nation than legislative branches have. New leadership must eliminate or reign in these agencies and restore power to the three branches of government and to the people. 

Our growing opposition to runaway spending, oppressive debt, and debilitating regulation provides opportunities to realign the focus of our government and enable states to regain their authority to protect and provide economic opportunities for the citizens of our state. 

With the support of our people, electing people with character, and continued involvement of concerned citizens we will be able to make the changes necessary.