Fiscally Responsible Government

I believe that our government, at all levels, MUST be required to operate with a balanced budget.

Our founding fathers warned future generations to be vigilant against abandoning their freedoms and their rights by allowing government to impose heavy taxation, excessive debt, and over regulation.

One of the most dangerous philosophies to embrace, according to our founding fathers, was that of the “welfare state” where the government attempts to guarantee equal outcomes instead of guaranteeing equal opportunities for each citizen. 

Our founders advocated that prosperity is the result of equal protection of “rights” and warned citizens against allowing the government to assure an equal distribution of “things”. Samuel Adams wrote extensively about the founders diligent efforts to make the ideas of socialism and communism unconstitutional.

The founders also warned against heavy taxation and deficit spending. Thomas Jefferson said that it was immoral for one generation to pass debt to the next generation. These words have been respected by every generation of Americans except the present one. 

Our current political environment is the result of ignoring all of these warnings. New leadership with the character and courage to return our government to a constitutional republic, a government for the people and by the people is needed. Our founders gave us every opportunity to protect the Constitution and our form of government. 

The 2014 elections are the place to start and I have the integrity, character, and common sense to help make the changes required. I have demonstrated this through my work ethics, family, and citizenship involvement.