Pro-Life Legislation

I am pro-life. That’s easy to say, but what does it really mean?

1) I believe human life is sacred, valuable and must be protected from the moment of conception through natural death. While unborn babies are the future of our society, they are also cherished gifts—they are lives with potential, not potential life. I will support any and all proposals that protect pre-born human life, keep criminal statutes related to abortion, and pass legislation that will ensure quick prosecution of any health-care provider in Wisconsin charged with committing a partial-birth abortion .
2) I respect and protect human embryos. Scientific research that destroys human life, including human embryonic stem cell research should not be funded with taxpayer money. Research which requires the destruction of the human embryo to harvest the stem cell is unnecessary. Adult stem-cell research has a proven track record of treating or curing over 70 diseases and illnesses and has no ethical issues. Human embryonic stem-cell research has produced absolutely no treatments or cures. No taxpayer dollars should be spent on any experimental process that is fraught with ethical problems.
3) I believe organizations that provide abortions, advocate for abortions, or make referrals for abortions should not receive taxpayer money.
4) I will work to keep physician-assisted suicide from becoming part of Wisconsin’s law.
5) I respect the right of all health-care providers, including pharmacists and emergency-room personnel, to work within their conscience. These professionals should not ever have to shed their First Amendment rights, their beliefs, nor should they have to violate their conscience in order to work in the health care profession.
6) I believe adoption is a viable option. The government should promote adoptions by providing incentives that encourage married couples to adopt. The government should provide “forever families” for children in both private adoptions and foster care situations. I will support legislation that provides adoptive parents with permanent legal custody for the adopted child.