States Rights/ State Sovereignty

As your state senator, I will support a return to sovereignty for the state of Wisconsin by assuring that the federal government focus upon the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to The Constitution and to Article 6 of The Constitution. These documents declare that all treaties and legal agreements between nations must be consistent with the Constitution, that the Constitution is the highest authority of the land, and that any agreement entered outside of the Constitution cannot change the frame of our government. 

These amendments provide for dual sovereignty between the states and the federal government. Our founding fathers understood that if the federal government became too powerful, it would override the local self-government and the security of individual citizens. The individual was the minority that our founding fathers knew needed the most protection to assure that the people have greater power than their government.

As a state senator, I will work to assure that the federal and state governments adopt policies which protect our borders from illegal immigration, create immigration policies which embrace legal immigrants and strengthen our national identity, protect our resources from confiscation by foreign governments, develop fiscal policies which prevent a financial coup from a foreign entity, and respect the value of the second amendment which is intended to assure that our country is capable of creating expeditiously a national military to protect the sovereignty of our nation.

As your state senator, I will expect federal and state governments to require all legal immigrants to embrace their duty and responsibility to become assimilated as American citizens. To accomplish this goal, all legal immigrants must commit to learning the English language, to respecting the flag and the US Constitution, to observing the rights to freedom of religion, and to protecting the sovereignty of our nation.