Traditional Marriage: the legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife.

As your State Senator, I will support our founding fathers and the leaders of civilized societies who have recognized that the core and strength of any society is the family. I promise to protect and defend the constitutional amendment that Wisconsin voters passed in 2006 by a nearly 60-40% margin which states that marriage shall be between one man and one woman. I support this amendment because traditional marriage strengthens a society by uniting families around a mutual interest: the welfare and happiness of the children. Research shows that children from intact families are likely to be happier and more productive. Marriage creates peaceful societies because it encourages its citizens to focus upon successful interactions of adults for the care and protection of the children created from that union. This is done willingly to protect the traditions, the customs, and the culture of that family.

Supporting legislation that strengthens traditional marriage laws and values will produce a happier and fiscally stronger society. Intact families provide support for children and decrease financial burdens on already heavily taxed citizens. 

Traditional marriage is a commitment made by civilized societies.